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    What Hybrid Turbo to choose for SKODA 2.0 TDI VRS?

    Thanks Very much Wayne. I did try Darkside and they told me for my model they didn't have any drop in hybrids as there 'isn't enough room'. I'll check back with them as they are relatively local company. Otherwise there are a number of hybrid 12 vane turbos on eBay. My type of turbo is all in...
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    What Hybrid Turbo to choose for SKODA 2.0 TDI VRS?

    I have done a stage 1 ECU remap and now I would like to improve my hardware, so thinking of a turbo. It seems that there are no bigger standard turbos that will fit in the space, so some people suggest considering a hybrid upgrade. Now this sounds very interesting with a whole lot of options...
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    DSG Whine

    My DSG box has developed a whine in 5th gear that sounds a bit like the motor of an underground train, especially on deceleration. My box works great. 20K ago I changed the fluid. What came out was like white wine. There were no particles, bits or metal. I was very impressed. I put new oil in...

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