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    no electric in prelude 92

    i have a honda prelude and today i tried to start my car and found out i had no electric at all, no lights, no hazards nothing not even a stereo, i tested the battery which is fully charged, the terminals on the battery are clean and i couldnt find a blown fuse in the car and all the earth...
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    crankshaft pulley problem

    took off the pulley and have found the inside of the pulley has worn away and has also damaged the end of the crank so even if i put a new crank on it will still wobble so does anyone have any advise, does the whole crank have to come out or is there somewhere that could repair mine?
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    crankshaft pulley problem

    thanks alot for your help i will try everything you suggested tomorrow when its light lol, thanks anyway will let u know how it goes cheers
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    crankshaft pulley problem

    on my 94 prelude i noticed a scraping noise and found out it was the crank shaft pulley shaking while my engine was idling, i am hoping it is just the pulleys gone and nothing else does anyone know what else could cause this to happen and if it is just the pulley should i replace it with a...
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    94 prelude missing a turbo

    does anyone know how to go about putting a turbo on to my prelude because i know its not as simple as bolting it on as the compression rate will probbe to high or is there any companys that specialize in that kinda thing, any advise will be helpful cheers
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    a question about air conditioning

    you can hear the air con turn on but the bloke who had the car before me has wreaked the car so im tryin to put it all right get it running like new so i dont know if he has ever had aircon recharged or nething because it doesnt seem to make much of a change in temperture and yer i know 3:41am...
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    a question about air conditioning

    i have a 94 prelude and have been moaning about lack of power since i've had it but i turned on the air conditioning and my car seem to have more alot more power... even though i thought air conditioning was ment to slow your car down is there anyone who can explain this for me as i am a bit...
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    engine swap

    i got a honda civic esi 1.6 vtec and i want to put a 2.2 prelude engine in... does anyone know what i need to change before i can get the engine in and running?

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