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    Engine Strengthening & More

    Its a vauxhall, it has very few strengths other than its insanely quick and has four wheel drive lol What I really need is a garage that specialises in modifying cars, back in the day there was one on every corner but finding somewhere now is near impossible.
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    Engine Strengthening & More

    Thanks for your response Octobox, I already have a secondary decat, I didnt really want to remove the primary but if its essential i'll definately consider it, Its currently running at 560nm torque and although more is better I need to consider some of the stock mechanicals, I upgraded the rear...
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    Engine Strengthening & More

    Morning Guys n' Girls Can someone point me to a garage that can overhaul my engine, replace stock parts, new cams, headers, throttle bodies etc, unfortunately this level of performance modding is beyond my current comprehension and I really need some help moving forward I have a Vauxhall/Opel...
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    Twin Scroll Turbo Upgrade

    Hi Everyone, I am looking to upgrade the twin scroll turbocharger on my Insignia VXR and I am in desperate need of direction as I cant find any information on which turbocharger to go for and what work is involved, I was hoping for a direct replacement but I dont think one is available, any...
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    Hello Everyone!

    Evening Everyone, Its a pleasure to join your boards, I am looking forward to getting involved in your community and getting the help I desperately need modyifying my car from people who hopefully know more than I do. A Little about me and my car... I am unforutanely old enough to be from the...

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