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    Nissan Skyline R32 GTR vs Toyota Supra

    Re: cars sorry didn't realise
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    What are birds eating

    well in my area the bird droppings are purple so god only knows what thay are eating lol
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    Nissan Skyline R32 GTR vs Toyota Supra

    Re: cars yer dont want to drag race just want a every day car
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    Nissan Skyline R32 GTR vs Toyota Supra

    here is my dilemma if you have the choice of a r32 gtr or a supra which one as i am stuck for my next car
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    Best sounding engine

    skyline r32 man the thing sings to me in my sleep
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    hi first of all nice car and 2nd welcome and hope to see what you do to your car
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    300 mph

    well just reading a post set back in 2008 will we ever get a road car to do 200 well that one is blown out of the water most super cars will do that no probs so do we think that in the next 3 years that 300 mph will be possible and if so witch make and model will bugatti veyron new model ?
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    Underpowered cars are a danger

    well under powered cars have the right just as long as they can keep up with the flow of traffic don't mean to have a pop but i think that a standard 1.0 to a 2.0 is fine but most accidents are caused bye impatient people not the car .
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    thanks for the advice peps
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    hi i have a hyundai coupe 1.6 just wondering if it is possible to fit a turbo to it and what would i need to do :)
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    new or reconditioned

    yer OK but noticed oil coming from under the car so don't know now what it is but its near the front so guessing gear box seal :(
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    Car insurance - how much

    look peps Ive only been driving a year my insurance has gone from 680 to now being 1187 the price you pay for going from a vectra to my hyundai and I'm 37 years old its not how old you are its how long you have held your licence and no claims bonus
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    Astra H 56 plate - performance

    yer i did that and now my car sounds nice and looks the part and wont cast you a lot to do it
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    What Alloys look nicest?

    yer nice wheels but the 1st set would look better :)
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    new or reconditioned

    would you bye a new or a recondition gear box as mine is not going in to gear that well not slipping out of gear but some times just stiff in going in to gear so what to do?:confused:
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    thanks for the welcome and i hope to learn a bit about my car
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    right where to start ok i drive a Hyundai 1.6 coupe just upgraded the rear so louder then a standard exhaust but thats it only been driving a year and need help in most things relating to my new baby

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