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    Thinking of getting into modding

    The old americans from 72 to 85 can be taken from ab 180 to 450hp for ab 2000.
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    Old Muskle cars

    Sorry, but my knowlige are mostly on older americans 68 to 75
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    Corvette c3

    After 30 years With Corvette c3 and second gen camaroes i know quite a lot ab them. Allso know much ab small bloc chewy. My name is Fredrik and I live in Norway.
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    Electric exhaust cutouth

    Would like to install this in my 74 Corvette, but have heard that many have truble With them. Anyone here have any experience?
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    75 Corvette Tuning

    Bye a HP36 383 stroker engine from ATK. 435 HP 475 L/B torqe.Foged rods and pistons.Both summit and ecles sell them for $4420

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