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    100nx alloys

    All, Im after some new alloy wheels for my 100nx, im looking for a set of 15's possibly 16's does anyone no the offset, stud pattern etc i have to look for???:p
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    Hello all.......

    wondering if anyone or if anyone knows who is breaking a Nissan100nx, or has some spare parts for sale, im after a glove box grey in colour, stainless steel back box, alloys etc. Any after market piece really Thanks Ritchie9448
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    Hello all

    Hello Waynne, Thanks for the warm welcome, as far as my car goes, im just trying to get a few ideas for tuning & styling.Im not a boy racer therefore im just after the simple but effective mods ie air filter, exhaust, interior & exterior ideas!! Hoping to hear from anyone with good ideas! Ritchie
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    Hello all

    New to this site, hoping to get some good tips from you all about tuning and styling, my current car is a Nissan 100nx 1.6 targa pacific 1995 which I have just purchased (April 11). I dont no a great deal about them but if anyone has had one or has some good advice how to get them 'mint' it...

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