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    Have you upgraded your car Hifi?

    Yes. Another one!;) I forgot to say in the beginning that I have also tweeters. They are installed in A-pilars to both sides in front. And I also forgot to say that I have MP3/CD-player (Pioneer, cost 200€) but that one is going to change. I need 450€ cost CD/MP3 player with DSP (signal...
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    Have you upgraded your car Hifi?

    Where did you install it? :o In some carservice? I put my own Pioneer(what was from my older car but I installed it in Ford. It isn't so hard to install it by yourself (I remember that the instructions were in the manualguide that comes with the player) coz just that installation cost veeery...
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    Have you upgraded your car Hifi?

    I thought that this question would fit in this section. So are you interested in carhifi? Have you upgraded your car front/back speakers? Have you installed subwoofers and amplifiers? How did you survived wiring? how much your whole hifisystem has cost? Are you going to do something to make the...
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    How much will you spend on your car in 2008?

    I just count that I will spend to that Probe over 4000€ in the next year: -The full body kit 600-700€ -Subwoofer and amplifiers 600€ -New tyres and rims over 1000€ -New twin exhaust Greddy 800€ -some horsepower (maybe new KLZE-engine, which provides 194bhp) 1500€
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    what car ?

    If you have 30k, I would recommend (like Waynne said) Toyota Supra Twinturbo, like we all know that supra has six ''power/tuning" stages. Stages are not hard to install (it is following instructions) and The sixth stage makes over 600bhp almost 700, depending how you tune the turbos example...
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    Hello Everyone!

    :D Yes here is a bit more snow than 3mm, normally in the north finland it is about 1,5m-2 metres snow, but here in south, is actually now less than 10cm:???: Global warming is clearly coming here too, because last christmas we had about 30 cm snow! And yes, I changed wintertyres (spiked tyres)...
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    Hello Everyone!

    Hey all! I'm HZero from Finland, and I was invited to this forum, and here I am:p I have -97 Ford Probe GT (which doesn't suit so well here in middle winter) I have played/fixed cars since I was a kid. And now that Probe is my new project. That's all. HZero signs.

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