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    Rover 600 618I L

    It's a Honda engine so try searching that up too.
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    Zafira Cruise Control

    Might be something to do with abs speed sensors?
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    Long time no see.

    Howdo all. Haven't posted here for ages. How is everyone? It's all change in the cars in our house. Last August we traded in my wife's Yaris as it was going to cost over a grand for a full aircon refit. Through our nephew we get privilege discount on Ford and got a cracking deal on a Fiesta...
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    Are you going to drive your car till it dies

    Probably keep mine a few years. Then I might lease for the warranty. There's some cracking deals on Infiniti at the moment.
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    How can I find out if this clutch will fit my car ?

    See if you can find the original part number as fitted to each of the 8v and 16v. I know from experience that especially ebay sellers can get it wrong in the Does This Fit My Car box. My car from 2008 to 2010 had one form of 170bhp diesel engine, then from 2010-2014 another. Engine parts are...
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    Diesel low mileage 05 x type 2.0 or high mileage mazda 6 2.2

    X type. Ford engine as you probably know, not the smoothest but strong, durable and lots of tuning. Do an oil change on the 4x4 transfer box when you get it as that's the only weak point on what is a very underrated car.
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    07 S-Type 2.7 diesel

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    Automatic headlights

    I've heard of moves to take away the Off option and only have On or Auto on new car light switches. Which is rubbish. I turn my lights to off when the car is going to a garage for work, otherwise they'd be on all the time.
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    Mk4 Gt-Tdi wanted 130bhp

    Howdo. I had a Bora pd130. Strong engine.
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    Automatic headlights

    I have them. They can be a little too sensitive which I suppose is no bad thing.
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    VW Bora Highline 1.8T 20V

    Wouldn't it be easier to buy a lower trim car and add highline bits?
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    What does cat D and cat C mean when buying a car

    If I was buying a car that I wasn't keeping for long I wouldn't touch a cat c or d as they are hard to sell, but if I was going to keep it for many years I would. Always see the report though. You can get cars that are written off from purely panel damage, they can be absolute bargains.
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    New to tinkering

    Howdo. I always recommend changing the brake discs and pads to uprated ones. If you've not done much before these are a good place to start as they are relatively easy but give you a great sense of achievement once done. And they look good too.
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    Aye - the latest Civic Type-R has something like 340bhp out of its 2.0 turboed engine going through the front. I've been a passanger in one and although it stuck to the road really well you could feel how hard its differential and electronics were working to keep that power down and stop axle...
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    Basic Maintenance to do

    I would always change an air filter every 10k, or even sooner if you live somewhere dusty. Manufacturer schedules will have it every 20k to make it cheaper but your mpg will thank you if you do it every 10k. Cambelts are doable if you're competent, BUT you do need the proper tools to lock the...