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    RANGE ROVER MK1 for sale

    Range Rover 4 door EFI 1987. Condition 2 ,90% of all replacement parts are " NEW OLD LANDROVER PARTS " all from Famous Four. Comes with factory fitted radio/cassette New barings all round, new 4 pot brake calipers/discs on the front, new 2 pot calipers on the back, stripped & re-built HP...
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    Classic Car Sunday

    Alton in Hampshire, 13.00 - 16.00, food & drinks, no alcohol, on site, space for 300 cars but MUST be pre 1990. 1st Sunday of the month from April till October. Type in Crotch Cooler on facebook & take a look at the quality & make options on display, OH, & a host of bikes including a trike...
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    I stand corrected oh great one, I knew it was around the low 300's as apposed to the earlier ones being in the low 200's.
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    No decent cars have come to light yet waynne, pro, I'm looking at getting a MK2 turbo, not the newer rounded shape ones with 346 bhp, just the 232 bhp version, looks a bit like a rounded off Testarosa, sorry about the spelling. I'll be in touch when I get one. TTFN.
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    Yep, agreed SLEEPER, as I said to TC, i'll look at the prices & go with the best option, as TC say's, its a money pit. that's why once its done she's of to the Brooklands aution & i'll be looking for a vcg Toyota Supra Turbo, hopefully from an enthusiast or club member, not a boy racer. Thanks mate.
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    Yep, I think its the only way to go, once I sort out the prices for both Haltec & Mega. Thanks mate.
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    Unfortunatley this is a cobbled together land rover/range rover/rover 3.5sdi vitese Lucas & Bosch mix. As we found out, when you hook up a snap on laptop to a rubbish british leyland ECU they wont talk in anything but 2 letter digits at a time & there's no book around that tells you what's...
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    Nasa unveil new design for 'Mars rover' vehicle

    Hi obi 1, happy new year mate, does the new buggie look like the Russian ones that are still up there that you can see with a good telescope. And are they coated, like the 8 wheeler one up there, in 24 karat gold ?
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    Rover 3.5efi cold start injector ?

    Thanks for the heads up TC , but they were the first people I tried, there hopeless. The problem with classics is , they MUST be kept the same as they left the factory or you don't get top dollar, at present mine insured at an agerrd price of £25,000 but will sell at auction for closer to double.
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    Rover 3.5efi cold start injector ?

    Ok, this will get you ALL scratching your heads. 3.5 V8 efi, 1987, Range Rover, after replacing all the insides of the lump and a lot of solenoids and relays I now have to replace the Cold Start Injector that sits on the side of the Plenham chamber, only to find that this part is no longer made...
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    whats a dyno tuner ?
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    Happy New Year to all TorqueCar members, dose anyone know just how good Megasquirt is, in need a completely new injection system for my 3.5efi Range Rover, including air flow system.
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    Happy New Year all, I'm thinking of buying a Supra, but can anyone give me some pointers as to what to watch out for, what's the best one to get, major faults and so on . Many thanks guy's.
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    My custom Mini Pickup

    Friend of mine had one in the 70's but with a V8 in the back, quick !
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    Super quick Range Rover Sport SVR 542hp 5.0-litre V8

    BUT. It won't go where my '87'll go, and sure as hell don't sound like mine. ha ha.

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