If i can get up & walk each day im a happy chappie.

200+ ave: ten pin bowler & full time grumpy old git.
July 15
1987 Range Rover
Current Cars Mods.
Some northan monkey wrote me MG off thanks very much so ive got a Focus Dti 2Ltr 66kw, tested, cos its quicker than the ZS Dti, turns out its kikin' out 100+, very,very economical, runs great on red,( joke, honest ociffa),55+ mixed cycle & 'bout 65 on a run. Nice quiet little Ford ,would recommend a dti Focus . UNFORTUNATLY the Focus died of old age, still got the Jag, one of only 4 built in 2002, the only one in BRGreen/Blue pearl !
worked for street machine , then Farrari uk, in between had lots of yanks upto 660 ponies, some wild rides, but all in the past sadly.
2nd Car
'04 Ford -Cmax
ill health forced retirement.



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