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    45/ZS td ixl ?

    is there such a thing as an MG ZS dti, mines a 2000, 2ltr L, 17" mg spokes, 40 profile tyres, all the right badges 'n' stuff but its got lots of chrome on it ?, is it a fake,,cos if it is then someones spent a few quid on suspention , wheels, badges & it goes quick when the turbo kicks in at...
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    window problem

    Thought this was a "very friendly car site"
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    Which is faster

    At say 2 or 3 in the morning, no more than 2 hrs 15 mins,,,excluding road works !!!
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    winter tyres

    hey yugguy, remember what happend to that guy walkin along mindin his own business happily eating a peach !!!!
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    3p fuel duty hike scrapped

    100% with u waynne, but derv must go down first to ensure the kick-start starts from the manafacturer, to the stores & onto us,,,,,chances of this happening,,,zero,,,but we can all dream .
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    75 Corvette Tuning

    ok, ive had lots of yanks,,to get more ponnies for free try this, turn distrib: up from,, i think your running 8 datc,, to 22-25 atdc, but u will run very hot so take the stat out, may have to alter fuel flow oh & the twin kenlows r a must,,,d'you run inboard computers for the fuel system , my...
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    Oh no!!!!

    sorry to hear that mate,,happens to the best of us,,,buy a vauxhall,,they break the belt at the bottom of the eng: lower pully,,happend to me twice & no damage to the lump...
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    window problem

    Minus 5c last night ,, ok not too bad but after scraping the windows i dropped the pas: window only to see the glass stay in place,,panel off, its come un-glued from the bottom retainer runner, what thick black glue do i use to stick it back together guys..????:(
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    Violence in Skyfall

    yeah, tight shorts n sideways muscle cars,,,,,aahhhh,,,what could be better????
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    45/ZS td ixl

    :confused: does anyone run a diesel zs or 45, ive got a W 2000, 2ltr turbo ZS, but i didnt think they built them that early, still, it goes like stink when the turbo kicks in AND ive just done a £20 test, combined mpg, & got 59.1 !!!:confused::confused:
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    Violence in Skyfall

    d'you rearly think "elanor" was real,, Bad Boys "cobra" was'nt a cob, BUTb i shed a tear when i found out they destroyed a few 440's in "dukes of hazzard", im stil in mourning,,
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    Hello from Vietnam.

    Only 1 rule with cars & women, 2 pockets,,1 for wedding & then mortgage,, the other's for your pride'n' joy,,,be lucky... TTFN
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    hello everyone

    Welcome Globetrotter,, you'll find this is the best car site around,,my freind just sold his RS, got it upto 405bhp & got bored so he got the new Skyline 650,,
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    What car should i get

    Reliant Robin van,,,0-60, pass, bhp, not included, but but you'll have fun round the bends.....
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    Secondary turbo ???

    I never thought of an economy re-map, thats the way to me thinks,,,,AND i get to keep the wife, nice one Old git. many thanks.