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    Capperz Pug Build.

    Good luck mate! Hope's everything's going smoothly with it by now. We don't mind seeing a few nice photos. :cheesy:
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    How to improve wife's Chevrolet Spark 2012

    Wife has a 2012 Chevrolet Spark. Bloody affordable and fuel efficient. Fortunately, this year's style is more rugged and confident-looking than the older Spark models. I don't mind sitting a bit uncomfortably (it's her car for Pete's sake!) and our son loves it more than my Mazda. :bigsmile...
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    value tuning

    I second to the above posts. As for me, reducing the weight, hitting my car's scheduled maintenance along with engine care (prevention's better than cure) and doing repairs and enhancements (myself or with a help of a mate or relative) are considered inexpensive.
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    Car Modification Parts (where to buy??????)

    Depends really on where you're located. Do try or Stxstyling. Cheers.
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    Triple QX - Any good?

    I think TripleQX is fine. Some of my mates are using it. Though I opt for Shell's fully synthetic engine oil. Very high or low temp friendly and way cheaper than others.
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    the old and new

    Cool man! I love your mods plan. Are you gonna use that for drifting or some kind of autorace or something?
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    Car Care Products

    I'm not really an obsessive-compulsive type when it comes to car cleaning. I clean my car by myself like once a week. The nearby carwash does the regular. But the car cleaning stuff I use are mostly Griots, Allbrite and Smartwax. Some I buy online too at allbriteusa.. I use a thick microfiber...
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    wanting to learn ice building

    Try Audio Island or The Range. They install in-car entertainment system in Lincolnshire and other areas as well.
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    maximum torque,power per tonne mpg for under £2k

    Alfa Romeo 156 JTDM With 175bhp as standard from its 2.4ltr, five- cylinder, 20V engine, boasts 284 lb/ft torque and 0 to 60mph time of 8.0 seconds. A remap or tuning box gets 210bhp. For a front-mounted intercooler, bigger turbo, decat and sports exhaust should get you to 250bhp With a...
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    Whats the cheapest car to get into drifting

    Nissan Z is a good drifter. Also, Honda CRX. Cheap and really for a drifter! Good luck man.
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    Thinking of getting my z06 wrapped. Good idea?

    That's a good idea! I second to the above posts. Wraps do protect and enhance your paint. Not done it to my car as of yet but seen a couple cars with them and they rock!! To answer your question, BLUE is the best!
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    help with my Focus st500

    I second radtecs.. the upgrade will definitely produce performance returns and the like.
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    Hello from newbie wheelsandbeers

    Hello everyone! Nice to become a new member here at torquecars! I'm bry, username's stating my interests! and I had my first car on 2004, a used Honda SI EM1. Sold it to my cousin in 2009 and bought my Mazda 3 in 2010. I miss my Honda I admit I still find the Em1 so cool, but my Mazda 3 is...