Still fit,go sea fishing when the weather permits,started going camping and fishing last year

Boats,fishing,outboard engines
manchester uk
corsa b 1400 i 1994
Current Cars Mods.
Fitted alloys,got rid of the air box,fitted a pipe from the exh.manifold to the free flow air filter.I intend to fit a freeflow backbox to gain a few bhp,i have opened the plug gaps a few thou.and got the ignition spot on.The car does not have a I should be ok for the mot test.I am thinking of fitting 15" wheels to gain an inch on the dia. with max.wall height tyres it will give me 3.14 inches more per revolution,more top speed and better fuel economy.[I hope]
I seem to have had an interest in engines since starting work,the trend then was motor cycles,I worked at Vicars as an apprentice,and all we seemed to spend talking about was how to tune bikes.As I got older it turned to cars.I spent a lot of time at an airstrip at the back of GM Holdens in Melbourne,where there was a drag strip and hot rod races.I made and fitted Megaphones to my 500 BSA
2nd Car
Had a nice Volvo td
retired Bricklayer-ex.Gm experimental Toolmaker in


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