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    the re-map on my clio would only bring +4hp :(
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    Renault Fluence + HK4 enginge SuperChrgd

    sorry i thought you meant turbo.. you wont need an intercooler then lol.. but you will still need the rest.. and to re-map your ECU it would need to be sent off :confused:
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    Off to Audi today - guess the bill

    £249 :|
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    Renault Fluence + HK4 enginge SuperChrgd

    if money isn't an issue then your best bet is to take it to a garage because it is a lot of work.
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    Renault Fluence + HK4 enginge SuperChrgd

    it will be fast.. but you have to take all the extras into consideration IE, intercooler, ECU will have to be mapped for the turbo, you will have to lower the compression with a thicker head gasket. and if your going high boost you will need forged pistons.. your looking at about £2000.
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    Cheap car cd player

    go up your local scrappy mate. they rip them out and sell them on, £20.. or ebay.. i have a spare good kenwood head unit. wanted about £50 for it tho..
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    Pug Newbie

    check for under body rust.
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    Bought a Ford Ka, i want it kitted out cheaply.

    ebay is your best bet mate ;)
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    TopGear 17/07/2011

    loooool :lol:
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    Clifford alarm problems

    thanks Loz :bigsmile: i will have a good read tonight and see what i find.. thanks again.
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    Clifford alarm problems

    haven't got a scooby :sad2: got the car less then 2 months ago... were do i need to go to get this done? or is it easy enough to do this myself? anyone done this b4?? thanks for the info..
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    Clifford alarm problems

    replacing the battery was the first thing i tried. just don't want it to start playing tricks on me like locking me out car :S
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    Which are the most fun off roaders

    fiat panda
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    Peeling lacquer on bumper.

    more then £100 then :confused: