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    wrx sti type r 1997

    i have bought my wrx sti type r 2 months ago have been looking for a haynes manual for it on the net cant get my hands on one any one know were i can fiend one or fiend out info about car. my friend has tould me about a sight that you give your chasiesy no. and it tells you every thing...
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    hello from Type R

    mine is a 2 door type r . not a ra the ra is a 4door . mine is verry quick throw the gears to .cant rember what speed the turbo kicks in at in5th only drove the car for one day ,the day i bought it , because my job has brought me away from home for 7 monts have only got 1 month and 1/2 till i...
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    hello from Type R

    it limmits between 110 and120 cant tell becauseit gose off the clock ,i think it's electronley, in 5th it dies at 6 rpm and it red lines at 9rpm . do you know any sort of sights that you give your chisissy no and it will give info on what tourbo eninge raicheo of gear box ect . paddy
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    hello from Type R

    yes it's a 2 door mine gose off the clock at 110 it limmits between 110 and 125 dont know the speed yet pain in the ass for the autoban:toung:my friend has the 1996 sti 4 door it can hit 160mph i am going to get the same gear box as him
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    hello from Type R

    dont know where newbes is . i first bought a subaru last year it was an imprza sports speachel 2l non trubo.i loved the look of it but porformance was not so good so then i got the type r i realy like it its pritty quick the guy i bought it off said it is 320 bhp i dont beleave him will have to...
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    Newbie FAQ's

    how do i add pic's to my profile paddy