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    Programmer Texas area

    I've changed the title to say you are in the Texas area. Maybe that will help people respond sooner if anyone is near.
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    Programmer Texas area

    Can we please refrain from name calling please. I'll say this once..... If we have nothing constructive to add to this thread. Then don't comment at all. OP. I can't answer your original question. But we do have members from the States. So hopefully one of them may see this and respond.
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    Bit of engine vibration...

    Moved. |B
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    Stupidly dangerous overtaking

    Yes. The markings require you to stop and give way. But most in the UK when turning left at a junction will only check right on approach.
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    TCJB's first 2019 street sprint event.

    ESP does interfere quite alot in my experience. I had it on my old Focus. Could turn TC off but the ESP was permanently on. Honestly not sure if there is a way to turn it off on the Honda. Vaux had it on my Astra. But there was a sneaky way of disabling it. Much to Vauxhalls disappointment as...
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    Sorry I've not been around, here's why

    Thought's going out to you all Waynne. Sorry to hear this. You know we are here for you mate. Anytime.
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    Where is everybody ?

    I'm always around........ Silently.... :cool:
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    Hello and Welcome to TorqueCars. :)
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    Hello for all

    Hello and Welcome to TorqueCars. :)
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    New Here

    Hello and Welcome to TorqueCars. :)
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    Hi everyone

    Hello and Welcome to TorqueCars. |B
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    New to the crowd

    Hello and Welcome to TorqueCars. :)
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    Hello and Welcome to TorqueCars. :)