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    Remember when diesel was cheaper than petrol

    I've recently been seeing a lot of supermarket diesel less than 1.25 which is a change. A good change!
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    My New MotorbBMW 840I

    These cars look awesome, and sometimes have massive engines in. Nice car.
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    2001 206 GTI 138 project

    Very tidy looking. Great condition for the age, debadge, perfect wheels - nice car all round.
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    My new motor.

    My childhood favourite car. Still holds it's good looks to this day.
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    My Focus ST - Your Ideas Guys?

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    my 1991 Renault 5 GT Turbo

    Seriously good looking little car. Good choice with the metal plates too! You've got the right flag on there!
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    The fleet, Although the A4 has now been sold

    That RS6 is very nice, what engine?
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    Opel Calibra V6

    Calibras are really nice. The back of these cars are awesome looking, reminds me of a 2004 Ford Mustang.
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    New designs are looking great

    Thanks for the greetings guys! :)
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    New designs are looking great

    (This thread looks a bit old.... anyway) I really like the look of the new, facelifted 2014 508. Really is a step up from the previous generation. I do like the whole new shapes too; 108, 208, 308 etc.