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    6 Speed in a corsa C??

    The engines in Monaro's are from the CHEVROLET CORVETTE!
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    Astra VXR Racing

    As an avid VXL nutter may I suggest you get a REMUS fitted by your local VXL dealer.This will then keep your warranty intact as it's an OE part. Btw,I drive a CORSA VXRacing(520).
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    ST or VXR??

    Not a biased opinion there sir.LOL.
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    ST or VXR??

    For me it would HAVE TO BE the VXR.Yes,I know I have a biased view,but The ASTRA is far superior in every department.For a few hundred quid you can have a beast that's 300bhp,and out handles any FORD ST.:P
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    Street racing

    I have to disagree with you Waynne,the marshalla are also at risk as I can prove,having been injured three times at race meetings.One causing permanent damage to me.Marshalls are insured for a minimum of £1million whilst at the circuit,which indicates the risk involved,just for folk to have some...
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    What do you want for Christmas?

    Total bunch of PERVS.LOL. ALL sites end up with the same answers.:lol::lol::lol:. Now where's the phone number for Beyonce' gone?
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    Animal Driving&Jagged Silver Racing

    Hello,and welcome to the friendliest forum in the universe for petrolheads.
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    Why wait to fix things

    I can't stand anything going wrong,especially on the car.Hence why we always have new cars,thus no waiting around for them to be fixed,and no expense either.;)
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    Speed limiters

    Hi folks,a friend of mine has recently bought an ex BRITISH GAS CORSA COMBO 1.3 diesel van.It's fitted with a speed limiter and he wants to know of anyone that would know how to get it removed.Can anyone help please? tjay56.
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    What was he thinking?

    I was travelling along the A12 yesterday,around the speed limit,:amuse:,in the outside lane,when this idiot in a MONDEO pulls out in front of me,and proceeds to dawdle along at 55mph.I flashed my lights for him to move over,which he obviously didn't like,and jammed his brakes on.I narrowly...
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    Is GT5 the ultimate racing sim

    I have to agree.Should have the steering wheel by Tuesday.Good having a son to buy things for you isn't
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    what are the best cars vauxhall has made?

    With an INSIGNIA turbo fitted you're looking at 350bhp.;)
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    what are the best cars vauxhall has made?

    Thrills per mile it has to be CORSA VXR for me. The latest ASTRA VXR has poor visibility,and very poor fuel consumption when driven vigorously(single figures),VECTRA VXR(fugly). Most loved: VECTRA GSi. Had mine 3.5yrs and loved every minute of it.Until the wife said it was too expensive to...
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    what are the best cars vauxhall has made?

    Re: Vauxhall, Have they ever made a good car? Yes,it does shift in VXR trim,but it still feels like a barge.The VXR version is unstable round bends at speed,to the point the back steps out unannounced.The driving experience is like being in a limo,not what you'd expect from a VXR. For what...
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    Important snow info

    Very few I suspect. The most dangerous imo is flying ice off HGV trailers.My wife had to take avoiding action the other day,or it was curtains for the car/her.:(