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    Best car for Towing Caravans or Trailers?

    You need something with loads of torque and something with a bit of weight, I'd say a diesel would work quite well. The Skoda Yeti is a good bet, but most exec saloons would be up to the job. Light cars would not have the power to pull, would be subject to jackknifing more easily, and would...
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    Perodua Myvi sport 1.3 engine fault!!

    This can also be caused by an o2 Lambda sensor fault, it happens a lot on these when you use lower octane fuels or low grade fuels, they really need the higher octane and better quality fuels.
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    1949 MG TC Resto- mod.

    Wow this is really interesting, thanks for sharing, I'll be keeping an eye out for updates on this project.
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    Engine swap question V6 or I4 FWD

    I love your thinking, I would say keep it Peugeot, the French/Euro cars often have weird sizes, which is typical going from metric to non metric. You'll need a drivetrain/transmission and aftermarket ECU. The 2.0 HDi engine is nicely tunable with a remap and has been dropped into a 206 so it...
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    Turbo on N42 4 Cyl Engine

    I'll be watching this thread with interest, I'd love to know how you get on with this project.
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    Automatic Transmission - Drain or Flush when Brown?

    Always flush through IMO, it's not worth the risk. Most mechanics will just drain and refill though. Warm up the transmission before the drain and it'll flow out much better.
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    Laughing gas thru the Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCI 140hp 2009mod .?.

    It is very possible, you'll need to increase the fuelling and the easiest way is fit an injector in the air intake just after the AFM, do check it is legal to do this in your area, because often Nitrous isn't road legal. You'll also need some kind of regulator on the additional fuelling to...
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    6 Speed in a corsa C??

    That sounds like a good project, but you really have your work cut out doing all of that. Mapping is the most important thing to setup and get right.
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    My Mum passed away over the weekend.

    Sorry to hear that Waynne, I remember meeting her and she was one of the friendliest kindest people ever.
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    Rebore engine 1592 a 1756 cc fiat twin cam

    Hola, would it be possible to post in English, my Spanish speaking is really not very good.
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    What's the difference between Valeting and Detailing?

    That's a good and comprehensive answer @Alex728
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    Do little cars get bullied

    It is funny how different areas and different times of the day will affect drivers attitudes.
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    Timing belts

    I go by the 5 years 70,000 miles rule of thumb, the manufacturers are usually more relaxed than this but it's not something you want to take chances with.
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    Why does she wobble?

    I'm curious too?
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    Brake Problems

    Glad you got it sorted.

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