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    Badly Repaired Stone Chip

    Did you get a chance to sort this issue out? How did it go? Any tips to pass on?
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    Apexi AFC neo

    Many piggyback ecu's don't offer a knock sensor which is pretty important on a daily driven car using pump fuels IMO. There are some that do so do your research carefully. What are you trying to achieve? A little more power or more control over the enigine to max out all the other mods you've done?
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    New car

    Nice to meet you, glad you are enjoying your car. Do you have any plans for it mod wise over the next few years?
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    A big hello from down under

    Hi there, it's good to have you along. Another one from Aus we're picking up quite a few members from over there. Who would have thought 20 years ago we'd be able to freely share a platform like this with users from all over the world! Amazing, tech always blows me away.
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    Glad your enjoying the site and it's nice you've officially joined us now and said hello. Feel free to ask any questions you want and we'll do our best to help you out.
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    206 Track Car

    Look forward to reading your updates and seeing a pic of this awesome project, and maybe even a video of it in action.
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    Hyundai mods

    What are your plans @SGHSPORTS
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    Self isolating and beating boredom in the emergency.

    I've been learning to Jive and rock and roll with my wife! it's been great fun and a bit of exercise. Have also crossed off loads from my todo lists.
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    N42B20 Sports Cam

    This guide is a good read... The cam opens and closes the intake and exhaust valve and is measured in degrees of a full rotation. As long as the timing of spark and cylinder piston travel match you are spot on. The profile is chosen to match where...
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    How crazy is this?

    It gives them strength absorbs sounds and in a crash helps to absorb some of the impact.
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    BMW X6 design flaw

    I work with total dipsticks and it's not a good experience.
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    Wassap Peeps

    Just wanted to say hi and welcome, it's good to have you along and I found this thread an interesting read.
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    Is this the worlds fastest Toyota 86 ?

    Looks very nice
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    ford focus tdci breather pipe

    What did you do to sort it? I think I'm having a similar issue on my wifes motor?