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    Are AMG and Brabus owned by Mercedes

    You see a lot of AMG and Brabus Mercedes editions, so are the AMG and Brabus brands owned by Mercedes like the BMW M or Subarus STi or is it a separate tuning specialist?
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    What does GTI stand for

    Does GTi actually mean anything? What does the GTi badge actually stand for or mean? Is it similar to the GT badge?
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    How do you get flames to shoot out of your exhaust

    In the movies you often see blue flames shooting out of the exhaust. At car shows it can be more like a flamethrower, and in rally and motorsports you get flames popping out of the exhaust from time to time. Why do you get flames from the exhaust? Why are they different colours and how can you...
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    Don't ignore engine noises

    Good advice, I tend to ignore new noises and it's always ended up costing me loads of money. I cracked a piston ring once, failed to listen to the noise and destroyed the whole engine. My mechanic didn't mind though as he made a fortune out of me.
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    Is global warming a real thing and does it worry you

    Any climate agreement will cost too much, and no one wants to be the first and if anyone holds out it all falls apart.
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    What questions should you ask when buying a car?

    Do you have a set of questions you ask when you are buying a car?
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    Is AWD the same things as a 4WD (four wheel drive)

    I always thought that AWD and 4WD were the same thing but I heard a couple of people arguing about which was best. Is this just a one maker calls it AWD, another four wheel drive and another Quattro or are there important differences between AWD and 4WD car transmissions? Which is better if...
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    Are superchargers and turbos the same thing?

    From what I can make out both compress the intake air and push it into the engine. I've heard superchargers referred to as a turbocharged engine, but never a turbo engine called a supercharged one! Are turbochargers and superchargers the same thing or is there a difference between the two...
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    Whats the difference between oversteer and understeer?

    Now a driving question, I've wondered about the difference between oversteer and understeer? I hear oversteer and understeer applied in a negative way to cars cornering but what do the terms mean?
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    What does SUV and Crossover SUV mean?

    What does the term SUV & crossover mean? Is a crossover something different to an SUV entirely? What is the difference between a SUV and a compact SUV?
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    What is a mild hybrid

    Ok then I have some silly first timer questions but I'm sure lots of people are wondering about them like me and Waynne said to just ask as many useful questions as possible so here goes. This one is about Hybrids and mild hybrids in particular. What is a mild hybrid?
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    High storm force wind, flash Sale.

    Due to the recent high winds we are having a quick sell off. For sale 3 trampolines 2 sheds 89 slate roof tiles, mostly chipped but a few are ok Sorry 2 trampolines have just moved on, so 1 trampoline for sale but we can proudly add a swing seat and plastic garden chair. Looks like we have...
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    Are the days of the V8 numbered

    When you can get the power from a smaller lighter unit it doesn't make much sense, but to be realistic, NOTHING WILL EVER SOUND AS GOOD AS A V8!
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    Car prices are likely to shoot up

    I think that initially due to uncertainty there may be some volatility in pricing, but long term it will all shake out and be like this brexit thing never happened!
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    Are sodium filled exhaust valves the way to go?

    Cheer buddy