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    On green lights do you still check it's clear

    Always! You can trust yourself, but you can't trust other drivers is how I see it mostly. So many times you see people just not paying attention and being in a rush, or just being general assssholes. My car is my pride and joy, so always make sure its safe
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    Is there such a thing as a finished project car

    This is a million dollar question really isn't it! I've had an MR2 as a project car, and worked on it for a while - but like obi_waynne says, you meet little goals and it just keeps going. I eventually sold that one and got an MX5 which ended the same and now I have my Corsa D VXR! My VXR is my...
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    Much snow where you are

    I'm from London - haven't really had enough snow to settle yet! I was in Norway over Christmas though, and you're met with a wall of fresh snow nearly every morning, about an hour and a half of digging before you can get your car out the drive!
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    New here - CORSA VXR

    Hey! I'm new here, been trying to get more into the car scene and meet more car passionate people! I'm a Youtuber and car enthusiast, I have a Corsa D VXR in Arden blue. What cars have you guys got, what projects are you working on? Looking forward to seeing everyone's pride and joys. Once...

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