Cars and rugby
Co. Clare, Ireland
Bmw E30 325i Sport
Current Cars Mods.
I've had the 325 since May 08, when i bought it, it was knocking so rebuilt the bottom end mains and big-ends,clutch and timing belt.
The mods already done to the car when i bought it were induction kit, interior m3 leather re-trim,angel lights,apex suspension kit,tv replacing the passenger sun-visor, and on 17" Azev alloys.
My plans are more towards the M20 engine in it, recently the camshaft showed signs of needing replacement so I think a fast road cam will be got aswell as get the head reconditioned,polished and ported and everything.
Change the e30 steering rack and put in an e46 rack.
And think about any other mods i can be told about to add on.
I did an apprenticeship as a plant fitter, and now i've returned to college after years of working on machinery and engines and I'm studying Automobile Engineering. I have always loved the E30's and when i finally got one, i was well proud of my girl,haha!! Always felt there was more in that 6 cylinder than it was giving out so here we!!


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