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    Advise on supercharging my BMW E46 328

    cant beat the satisfaction of fabricating, i love it
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    Advise on supercharging my BMW E46 328

    yeah, it will be worthwhile holding back and gather as much info as you can, dont just take info from simpson though, phone everywhere this will give you a good price range for the results you are expecting and setups, i had the 2.2 hdi 406 too, paid 300 for it, 240k sweet as a nut, never got it...
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    Advise on supercharging my BMW E46 328

    yeah i love the tds, it was the fastest diesel of its time even over the mighty merc 300d, yet i can get it to run 50mpg on a journey, its the first bmw diesel i drove i first tried one years ago and couldnt believe the difference between it and my 2.2 hdi pug, ive owned quite a few bmws, my...
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    E36 318iS easy tuning

    I disagree, putting say 1 bar boost on a 318is and a 328i, there both beast's in their own right, but the 328 would see huge gains relatively safely over the 'is', and weight? theres hardly any difference, plus the 6 cyl is smoother i have owned both 4 and 6 cyl, and about me getting beaten by a...
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    Advise on supercharging my BMW E46 328

    hmmm, depends if you refer to simpson motorsport as a team, or as a company.....hmm im just rambling, i dont know the difference between a verb and noun, but my spelling is good (I think) and i know my engines :bigsmile:
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    Advise on supercharging my BMW E46 328

    simpson motorsport are in gloucestershire, about 2.5 hours from you, but they know these engines inside out, even if you dont use them, they will point you in the right diretion and are good at sourcing parts
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    Any DS lovers out there?

    yes there was a ds safari, rare as a hens tooth! thats my fav model, citroen need to re capture the magic when making the old ds, the c6 and new ds3 is pretty cool though;)
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    Improving Engine of Partner/Berlingo

    simple solution, sell it, buy a partner with the almighty hdi, re map it
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    Advise on supercharging my BMW E46 328

    it would be wise to get it done pro, there are alot of things that can and will go wrong in 'un-informed' hands, you can run whatever bhp with stock internals, its just how long they last! its not a job to do cheaply on this car thats for sure, the non steptronic auto boxes are notorius to fail...
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    my project starts in july !!

    What you want is: egr valve delete - FREE if your hands on super chipped - £80-100 boost gauge - £35 boost controller - £30 raise turbo pressure from stock 1.0 bar (full load) to around 1.3-1.4 FREE bigger fmic (front mount intercooler) £60 youll be more than impressed after that trust me...
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    330d vs 325 tds

    i asked the very same question, i now have a nice boston green 325 tds on my drive which im getting stuck into, if you want to get deep into a project and are a hands on person go for the 325 tds, you wont be let down with the capabilities of the m51engine trust me and it will still return a...
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    bmw e91 335D remapping

    do it! the reason is he said he will put it back to stock for free if you dont like it is because you will instantly fall in love with it, be carefull though, there a rocket ship re mapped!
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    E36 318iS easy tuning

    theres not much point tuning a 318is, at most, sort out induction and exhuast and chip it, if you have 3-4 grand for it, throw that at an m3 or 323/325/328, you will still have some cash left to tune that or insure it
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    Locking wheel nut lost!

    There is very little difference in e36 locking wheel nuts if any, i have removed countless sets with a couple of keys, go to a breakers yard and get one, get a hammer, smack it in there, it may even fit straight in
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    Pug and BMW parts for sale. eolys fluid, strutbrace... etc

    4x litres eolys/serine,particle filter fluid, all individual 1ltr service kits, each with filling kit, new, £70 for 4 lires, £40 for 2 litres bmw e36 6 and 4 cylinder adjustable sparco front strutbrace, used, £15 peugeot expert/citroen dispatch brake pads, brand new genuine, £15 I also...