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    Brake pad selection

    I’m hard on my brakes too as I trail brake. I upped the calipers to 4 pots and run DS2500 pads. Now I stop quicker than I drive! Happy with that set up and decent spec fresh fluid on a regular basis.
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    Hi from NZ

    I was based outside Auckland in East Tamaki. Then drove south to Rotorua then around Lake Taupo. Also went to some ski resort with a long name that escapes me! Absolutely loved the country. Managed to meet up with a fellow MG nut whilst in Auckland.
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    Hi from NZ

    I guess the NZ environment is kinder to the classics? Quite a mix. Where abouts are you? Love the place, spent a few weeks out there working and some sightseeing.
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    T16 220 2.0 Turbo Kit?

    You would be better of searching the MG ZS Facebook groups as there are always T16 abandoned builds for sale or even engines and looms. I had a T16 ZS myself, running just over 250 bhp. Other options are the k-series 1.8T conversions out of the ZT. Do not even think of the associated issues...
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    My 2nd track day in 2022

    Lol yes true but what boring sods we would be! My wife knows I will never change, she won’t even attempt to try. Besides I’m looking forward to when my grandkids can sit beside out on track. :cool:
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    My 2nd track day in 2022

    It’s not a cheap hobby, spent 6-7 years racing on the ovals. Now it’s about a bit of fun and personal development ;)
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    My 2nd track day in 2022

    Look forward to the feedback. At some point I’ll be needing to replace my tyres, they’ve served me well. Doubt if they do them now. Decent track tyres are not cheap and cannot be compromised with.
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    Small update

    Yes Piper can regrind the standard cams to 270 spec.
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    Small update

    Tough one that. These KV6 lumps are hard to tune, unless you are West Surrey Racing! Current set-up is around 210-220. With those throttle bodies who knows? Currently running Piper 270 cams on the current mapped ecu. If I could find 285 cams that would match the proposed set-up as they need a...
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    Small update

    Got these tucked away. Going to be hard waiting to get them operational.
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    206 GTI track car project

    Nice read, clear ideas on work required. Handling and braking 1st, performance later. Common brakes used are the 4 pot Brembos off the coupe.
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    Small update

    Most likely an appropriate Emerald. I know QED offered quite a few upgrades on the MGR KV6 lump regarding throttle bodies, 285 cams etc but they have either scrapped it all or forgotten where it all is, it’s been that long ago!
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    Small update

    Been acquiring a few hard to find spares for future work. Bought some Janspeed manifolds, up to now I have not bothered with them as can be hard to keep within noise limits on track, but with the right sports cat I may be okay. Also have a set of 6 throttle bodies on an inlet manifold and air...
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    Obvious question being is the engine an interference type? As in possible bent valves etc as that is the usual thing to expect when cam belts let go. If the valves are clear then it’s possible to re-align the timing marks and fit a new belt just to try it. If okay I’d advise to replace the belt...
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    E36 No Crank

    Sounds like you need to get someone to interrogate the ecu/alarm/immobiliser system. Could be something there causing the issues seeing it’s been played with already. Maybe get the fob re-synced? Process of elimination or you could be chasing bugs.

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