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    Is it ok to lower a car 1inch on original shocks?

    I have a BMW E38 with S-EDC (Eletronic damper control) And 1 shock costs about 1000gbp. I really want to lower the car, and keep EDC. I see Eibach sells a set of lowering springs that they claim is made for S-EDC. They lower the car 1inch, my question is. Is it safe to lower the car 1inch on...
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    Need a little help choosing turbo :)

    Hello, i have a 2,5l 5cyl diesel, and im going to buy a new turbo for it, what i am wondering on is the exhaust gasses that diesels produce. I understand diesels produce more exhaust gasses then gasoline does. So what does this mean when it comes to turbocharging? Currently im looking at a turbo...