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    What is your current dream car

    A dream car is one I will never own Obviously i will be JDM for me For a long time I would have said a Z tune 34GTR but now Im more into classics undoubtably it is a Toyota 2000GT IMHO the best looking car ever both inside and out .And yes those pictures are not an italian or british car but a...

    who makes the best strongest rubber oil line automotive hose? Best clamps?

    if the op isasking about best clamps , surely he isnt talking about hydraulic oil lines but engine oil lines . you wouldnt use a clamp on a power steering line ??? so assuming engine oil - of their type best clamps Mikalor IMHO Hoses if you are being picky then made up by specialist like...

    Caption competition

    well it could have been worse.............

    How is your current modifying cars budget

    Dont do budgets just mods

    Supercharger set up

    catch can does nothing other than stop oil in the breather tube depositing itself in places you dont want it. anything that makes the spark better is not a bad thing but I cant see why you NEED a quad sparking module thingy thats assuming your system is good at the moment. fuel injectors and...

    How is your current modifying cars budget

    a budget when modifying my car .................theres a thought

    Caption competition

    Bugger ...I forgot i wasnt in the Land Rover.

    JDM Cars

    as above JDM = Japanese Domestic market As in car models made specifically for the home (japanese) market and not exported with the same spec. In other words as an example the 33GTRs sold in the UK new are not JDM cars . So by definition almost none will be exported (with japan spec) and sold...

    The best decade for cars

    Depend on your criteria - I would have said the nineties a while back which is when the ECUs came in to its own on road cars (not when they came out ) Recently however Ive had a nastalgia attack and chamged my mind - There is something about having a simple car which doesnt need mapping and...

    Fitting a turbo to a NASP car

    Pretty much any car can be turbo'd but it isnt that simple. Without knowing the engine its really difficult to say how easy and how successful a turbo would be. A good bet is did the manufacturer offer a turbo version and has any one else done it . If you get two nos It will likely be either...

    the twin charging engine project

    i cant fault your optomism which is great, The principle is fine but few cars successfuly sort twin charging - the ones that do are usually either built from scratch with twin charging in mind or are turbocharged cars already producing the power. This is why fitting a turbo to any engine often...

    the twin charging engine project

    Certainly an intriging project which I do hope goes well but Im afraid you will struggle to get a 1270cc motor to spin enough air to get 430+whp .I think adding a turbo to a superharged engine has a lot more issues than the other way around. With the second you have the power just filling the...

    Another car .........

    So a belated update The Silvia arrived a week late due to the storms . On the ship the fluid drained out of the clutch slave which meant it was "pulled" off. The only peoblem was the retard organising this connected the chain to the ARB . :mad: and it prompy pulled the arb out of its mountings...

    Brake while cornering yes/no

    I was always told brake only once (as much as it takes) before you turn the wheel . So foot on the brake into a corner then foot on the throttle out

    Another car .........

    two weeks to go........