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    Induction kit fail

    This is probably the latest comment in the world however I'm guessing you've sorted this out now. If you removed the "tube" that goes from the air filter to the engine and fitted the new universal one directly to the engine intake port then the reason the engine is cutting out is that the MAF...
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    induction kit/panel air filter for civic 1.6 vtec sport

    God it's been so long since I posted anything! Danthecivic, an induction kit will work fine on the car and at best you will maybe get a couple of horses extra out of it, and that is at best. It will make the car sound better if you get a decent kit but to be honest for the money you will spend...
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    Upgrading my Si

    Pgarner spoiimg my fun! lol You do make a valid point about the 4-2-1 I hadn't really factored that in! In terms of compression why would the supercharger be the better option over the turbo in this instance? The result from the vtec like you say would be more exhaust gasses but the super...
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    Upgrading my Si

    I am staggered nobody has taken you up on this!!! Oh well over to me then; From the sound of it budget is not going to be a huge issue but a ball park would help. You're probably very well placed being in America as Civic's out there have been notorious for being well kitted out and modified...
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    More bhp

    How did you get on with this? Did you go K&N in the end up?
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    induction kit/panel air filter for civic 1.6 vtec sport

    Welcome to the mad house Jamesy! I'll be blunt as it's the easiest way, I recently bought a 2007 civic 1.8 vtec as my daily driver and I'm looking for a weekend beater! The reason it's my unmodded daily driver is that you are limited with what you can do with a naturally aspirated engine...
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    re-map or not!

    That's a good shout from Sleeper, if you get the map done first the later mods can basically undo all the good work and hinder the performance rather than improve it, an obvious one but still something we all forget!! Good shout sir!
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    leon 0-100 in 5".

    Got to admit mate the Starlet's a bit of an underated car in amongst the rest of them as it can be good for whatever your budget wants it to be as it is easy to lighten and tighten! Anyway in terms of what you would need to do read the above quote as this is it in a nutshell! The only thing I...
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    Seat Ibiza 1.4 6j

    What did you end up going for in the end up?
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    re-map or not!

    Definitely get it remapped mate, I had a PD170 mapped by jabba sport which do an off the shelf package for a stage 1 map which I've got to admit was pretty awesome and good for just over 200bhp. If you are going further in the future though I would always go for a custom remap with a rolling...
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    Injector generations?

    Zwaf, it's been a long wait mate but I've been out of circulation for a while and scrapped my Leon FR PD170 recently for something a little more sensible. In short I would avoid getting PD170 injectors as they are fundamentally flawed between 2006-2008. Between these years in seats wisdom they...
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    Ibiza 20vt

    It looks like this thread is a bit dead in the water mate, I've got limited knowledge of the turbo housing but from what I know of it fitting a 34mm restrictor on the turbo of the Ibiza will limit it's power potential quite remarkably hence why most rally stages tend to use a more reliable turbo...
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    MAZDA 3 MPS?! Really???

    Ok so Just as an update, the Mazda 3 MPS that I was looking at has sold due to the time it has taken the garage to agree a price for my Leon as I am trading it in with repairs needed!! A right pain in the arse!!! I am currently trying to source another from relatively nearby as I can't travel...
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    MAZDA 3 MPS?! Really???

    Thanks for the input folks I think the final decision is that I'm going to go ahead and get the MPS and go from there. I wasn't sure about tuning but it looks like I could easily burst £4k on the intercooler, intake, exhaust brakes and could even look at a cheeky turbo upgrade for some of that...
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    Arosa 1.7sdi how do i turbo it ???

    Take it from someone who has went up the ayr shore in a clapped out Nova 5 before, your not going to turn heads driving a seat arosa diesel and your not going to be too chuffed with how quick it goes either! Out of curiosity why were you looking at a seat arosa anyway if the intention was to...