playing with cars rideing motorbikes and driveing machinery
31 July 1986 (Age: 37)
Australia Griffith NSW
Great Wall V240
Current Cars Mods.
i have not done alot iridium spark plugscut and modified extractors high flow cat straight thru sports muffler new aloy rims and micky Thompson tires alloy sports bar alloy side steps
i have always had an interest in cars and engines since i was a kid im not a flash mechanic but i do alright still lerning new things everyday so many old tricks and tips my main reason for joining this forum is i have a great wall v240 and im very interested in lerning more about the real mitsubishi engines and wanting to lern if parts can interchange and also after hot tips for doing engine work eg head and intake without efecting the bottom end
2nd Car
Mazda 3SP23
machinery operator


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