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    Classic vs modern cars

    It's still a hell of a long way off from what we pay here. I filled a 6.2l Camaro SS just last week and it cost me $40!
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    Rust Worx

    Now you just need those rims re-coating and you'll be golden, pardon the pun :P
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    Rust Worx

    Hope it turns out well mate. I'm sure it will |B
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    Defend car modifiers

    Pretty much what I meant, you've worded it better I'll give you that. Lol.
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    Defend car modifiers

    It's certain people that own modified vehicles, the "bad element" that gets the rest of us a bad name. At the end of the day it's the people, not the cars.
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    Classic vs modern cars

    Sounds about right. Fine to run in the States but would be crippling here
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    Classic vs modern cars

    I didn't mean literal car tax, I meant the tax on our fuel more than anything
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    Classic vs modern cars

    I'd happily have a '69 charger as a classic if I could afford to run one but this country's tax makes that almost impossible. Must move to the States. Lol. I have to say I much prefer running a newer car as they are far easier to maintain and harder to steal etc, but some of the old yankee...
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    Best colour for a car

    The brighter the better personally. I liked to stand out from the crowd, hence the green enhancements to my white one. Lol. I've had a few black cars and let me tell you, white is FAR easier to live with. Yes it still gets dirty but not in the way a black one does. Less dust visible and any...
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    What is your next car going to be

    Torn: RS, Mustang, Evo......unsure but it'll be a couple of years down the road I would think
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    Your best car modification so far

    Good question. I'd have to agree with LM that remaps really do completely change a car. Other than that probably my exhaust (also a large difference) and then really just aesthetics. I do, for instance, adore my green wheels. :D
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    Do you give way much

    I'm courteous mostly with the odd unhinged rant thrown in at people that try to cut down lanes and shove in, in front of me. Nope. Not today son. I had to queue here, get in line. (I'll just point out here that merging lanes are different, I more mean people that go down a straight ahead lane...
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    Do you drive at the limit regularly

    Limits? o_O
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    What do you think about electric cars now

    I'd still rather not personally. A car with no noise would seem like something's missing from an enjoyable drive to me.
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    What fuel economy do you get

    Around 30mpg average. Mostly town/slow motorway driving (commute). Long, calm runs produce over 40/45mpg.