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    Performance Tuning a Diesel

    does it smoke when accelerating hard, if yes get a larger turbocharger (more air). if little smoke , then increase fuel dilivery, some injection pumps have adjustable fuel output! a person who is familier with the pump could examine and know! maybe U-TUBE check for Nissan diesel performance...
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    Performance Tuning a Diesel

    i can understand the numbers, but not the Spainish! thx ron
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    Performance Tuning a Diesel

    performance tuning a diesel engine is actually simple! pump more fuel into it, untill it smokes heavy, when loaded,, then add more air/turbo/supercharge untill the smokes starts to subside, then pump more fuel ,add air and so on,,untill the engine expires, build another engine and dont go as...
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    Why can't you get performance cams for diesels?

    check out Audi V12 DIESEL dohc twin turbo , banned from racing because they were TO FAST, compared to petrol/gasoline engines! R-10 TDI
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    E85 fuel pros & cons

    something i have noticed around USA , a lot of cars are converting to Electric drive systems! fast as hell, and charge stations are everywhere, toss up Tesla charge, or lately Porsche charge stations! many factory Electric cars are showing up in junkyards wrecked, guys buy the power and drive...
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    E85 fuel pros & cons

    around here Austin tx. E85 is most used by forced induction cars, and a performance increase! few use it for everyday driving, because poor MPG!
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    Polishing and porting diesel engines

    better late than never ,, THANKS ron
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    Why do diesel engines have so much Torque

    to add to the Diesel knowledge,, Diesel engine produce the MOST Torque when exhaust smoke goes full black loaded! that is using diesel as fuel, other types of fuel auxialary injection can reduce smoke a lot! ron
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    Head or your heart

    obi, you are correct, unlimited money can destroy your life,(but what a away to go).LOL. many people here in USA have won the Lottery and so few can handle the changes in there lives! like the simple fact of how do they keep the money? 1st the tax man gets his share,(i dont know why he...
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    duel exit exhaust

    T-man you were so kool, but time changes us all, lets hope for the better!
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    duel exit exhaust

    my exhaust was done for the sound, deep and mellow , most important is you hear all 12 cylinders at once! with multi outlet exhaust 1st one side ear hears it then the other ear hears it, mixes up the brain!
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    A bit of American activism...

    "we the people are the victims of the insane" John Lennon 1969.
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    TURBO! 50 of the most exciting turbocharged cars ever made

    i have owned a few turbo cars, Buick Grand national , V6 turbo,alky injection. later converted to LS3 GM engine , more reliable. 85 Mustang SVO turbo,2.3L. Mazda RX7 BIG turbo, 3.5" full exhaust, ported etc,alky injection. 1982 OPEL 1.8L turbo diesel, veggie oil burner. interesting they did...
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    duel exit exhaust

    i have 12 cylinders all exit from one outlet 5" in. diameter.
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    Jaguar XJ8 Executive V8. ( with sport mode )

    interesting you mention Nissan 200SX car. i owned a 1985 200SX turbo, after having it for a while ,i found it was a completly different car than NON turbo cars, platform, suspension system, rear drive assembly, 200MM LSD unit, HD transmission, larger brake system, bigger anti/roll...