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    Impreza clutch?

    people ive talked to say around 70000 miles is a good innings for the clutch however ive done 92000 miles in my wrx and not changed the clutch yet and is still fine its down to how the car is treated
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    hello from scotland

    thanks for the warm welcome and comments on my car ive probably got the scoob the way i want it not to sound big headed but i am very proud,ive made the shortlist in a competition in a popular car magazine dedicated to the impreza here in the uk(sorry not sure about plugging rights)if anyone...
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    hello from scotland

    hi all my names peter im from scotland i own a 1996 impreza wrx which ive had 4 1/2 years its a brilliant car and cant see myself parting with her ive added some subtle mods but nothing to much she has 285000kms on the clock (or 176600miles)and still drives great im a member of several...