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    Chevrolet lacetti sport tuning?

    having worked in a chevy dealer for 12months i wonder how anyone manages to tune the engines at all, they are really weak and suffer from loads of problems, we did more in the way of repairs and warranty than services, they are that bad. They wont last very long either based on what ive seen, we...
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    A3 3.2V6 quattro tuning

    does anyone know of a company that can supply/fit tuning upgrades ie turbo/camshafts etc for an audi a3 with the 3.2 v6 BMD engine or is it going to be the same as the R32 Golf?
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    FreeLander Sport larger tyres?

    i suggest you check the clearance around the tyre in the wheel arch remember when you brake weight transfers to the front thus "lowering" temporarily the vehicle so the tyres could rub in the wheel arches. as for mounting a truck tyre on the back i would be careful as you would probably leave...
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    Land Rover 53 Suspension, Please Help !

    have they got mog axles or the body/suspension mounts adjusted?
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    206 and 70mph

    these would be drive shafts for your future refence
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    MK4 Golf R32 - Peugeot 206

    does any one know of a peugeot 206 that has had a mk4 golf r32 engine and transmission transplant as i am toying with the idea of doing it. i know of the following problems; Wiring/electrics. wheel base difference of 73mm. (shorten/custom make prop shaft??) mounting everything. chassis...