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    Painting a car roof - Lancer GLX 1993

    Hi all, This is my second time planning to repaint my lancer GLX. The first time was somewhere 2years ago where the same problem occurs again; the rust on the roof top. Here i attached some pictures of my car as shown. FYI, the painter whom done my car 2 years ago told me that lancer GLX...
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    Cant fill full tank on lancer 95

    Hi wayne, Sorry I cant answer all your questions yet because I haven really checked all the fuel system in my car.For all until now,I have checked the fuel tank and there isn't any dent on it.As for the fuel to be empty,I tried running to the empty tank till the engine cant even start.I have to...
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    Cant fill full tank on lancer 95

    Thanks for you guys replying, #3.Turbonutter69 Yes,I have ran full tank to empty,set the mileage reading to 0 and it only runs up to 180km only.Last time can ran up to 260km, its really a huge difference and I wonder what's happening. #4.Wayne I tried filling up very slowly but still the...
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    Cant fill full tank on lancer 95

    Hi there, My lancer fuel tank should be 50Litres,stated in the manual.But in the old days,i can only refuel fully to 45Litres maximum and I didn't care much about it.Now its happening worse, it can only refuel up to 32Litres with approximately 180km according to my mileage reading. What is...
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    Lancer reverse sensor

    Thanks Wayne, I will try to google download for the workshop manual.
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    Lancer reverse sensor

    Hi all, This morning i realized that both of my reverse lights wont light up when im in reverse gear.I checked the fuse and bulb already and all working fine.I just need to check the reverse sensor but i have no idea where is the sensor is located. Any ideas guys? Thanks,
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    Any Primera Owners out there?

    First thing to do - Swap with manual transmission for the 2.0 SR20 Engine.This stock primera weakness is on start up only because of auto transmission.
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    car repair bills

    Just got replaced new timing belt,engine mounting,oil seal rubber(upper and lower engine),clutch lining,alternator ,cleaning and serviced cost me around S$800.Bloddy expensive for an old car!
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    Jap Or Euro?

    JDM for life
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    i would prefer the original stock spoilers.
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    4 best looking Japanese cars.

    EVO Honda Civic Type R GTR Sylvia S15
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    Setting up your mirrors.

    In Malaysia,when you are sitting for your driving test, its a must to turn your head to see the blindspot.If not,automatically consider fail.
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    Being stopped by the police.

    yea..being stop by police in Brunei is very common because of speed traps and road blocks for illegal modifications.
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    What cars would you never overtake?

    It would be scary when i overtake a Ferrari or Zonda in a one way road,then the driver suddenly accelerate to avoid shame.
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    Car Maintenance

    #8. Wayne,yea its white but it smells.When the engine is warm up already,the smoke is gone.Still can smell abit of burning fuels.Thanks for the info. Cheers