9 February 1994 (Age: 27)
93' Probe 2.0 l4
Current Cars Mods.
As of right now, I've only replaced/upgraded some minor bits n' pieces, and pieced together a nifty cold air intake. The C.A.I. is actually intended for trucks and the like.
The intake is not for performance, but to replace the OEM intake which is not a good fit for the car, sort of suffocates it.

(more of a brainstorm and cost estimate than a solid plan)
Most feasable future mods:
Cylinder Head rebuild
High quality gaskets
Stainless steel exhaust+manifold
High flow cat.
Increase exhaust width by 1/4"-1/2"
Smooth out/polish/flush-fit exhaust
Cat-back system?
Aftermarket ignition coil
Performance spark plugs
Upgrade spark wires
Higher flow fuel pump+fuel line+injectors
Upgraded crank/camshaft(s)
Performance CV axles
Oil catch can
Heat sheilds all over the engine bay
New/upgrade radiator
Coilovers/more resilient upgrade
New/wider directional tires
Tranny rebuild/upgrade
New/upgrade cylinder rings,heads,arms
Bore/clean/refurb cylinders
High temp/anti-rust/protect paint in bay
Rear drum to disk brake conversion
Brake upgrade (not B.B. kit)
Steel line conversion (all possible)
Overall rust prevention/correction
Fresh+protective paint
ECU tune/remap

More plans for the future, but that's what seems reasonable to me in the next 6-12 months.
*usually write long posts, replies, etc., sorry*
Prefer older cars: roughly 04' and prior.
Self tought, started young working on piles and buckets so bio. parent could get to work.
Far from a mechanic but surprisingly handy.
Little to no skill with computers, in or outside of a vehicle.
Very hands on vs. on paper type.
Lot's to learn and appreciate corrections, constructive critisisms, thoughts, suggestions, etc., just please don't be a jerk.
2nd Car
93' Probe GT 2.5 V6


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