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    At one with the car

    I found taking my old Mx5 on the dirt roads into the country helped definatly found out how far both the car any myself could go, I cant wait to get back out there and have another play, i would highly recomend it. Just you and the car with miles and miles of empty road and no police and if...
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    Use your fog lights

    There is a Merc near me that always has his fogs on in the rain, it anoys the hell out of me, chances are he's never seen proper fog anyhow, moron.
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    Used car milage/ Kilometer(age) ?

    So i know less is better but what cars still have alot of go in them. I am looking at a Discovery but they all have about 200k kilometers on them is this alot for this type of car? Are there any other cars that are still a great buy even with alot of ks on them?
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    4 best looking Japanese cars.

    1977 Toyota Celica fastback :D
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    What car to buy..?

    ill buy a mx5 and not tell the misses till i get home great plan
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    What car to buy..?

    cant insure a turbo under 25.
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    What is the best looking Toyota

    1977 Celica Fastback. But with the interior from a new celica.
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    What car to buy..?

    Im English, From Essex so naturaly the choice is a scooby or a cosworth, Scoobys are super common and cozy's arnt sadly, plus Monaro's are way out my price range and cost a crap load in fuel.
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    Whats the stupidest thing you've ever done?

    When i was 13 i brought a classic mini, i put a tinny little bracket to lower the steering wheel buy a couple of inches but didnt do it up propaly, couple days later was showing of how i had a mini to some older kids and went to take it round the block when i got back the bracket fell of the...
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    What car to buy..?

    At the moment i have this boat. Id like a smaller car maybe 2 door, im going to the car strip tomorrow so am gona look at all cars that are sugested. I like the space of a big car but being old and a v6 it cost me a...
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    What car to buy..?

    Hey folks in desperate need of some help :D i have about 10,000 Australian Dollars to spend on the car insurace not included. What im looking for is a 4 seater with potential, sadly a 2 seater is out the question at the moment. My not so short list is. 206 GTI Nissan Skyline 1977 Toyota...
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    $3000 - How can I boost performance on my 206?

    Hey man im going to be buying my 206 GTI asap so if you have found anything that works well let me know :D
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    Car insurance...I think this is unreal.

    I was just comparing Australia to England and these are my results. Car: 2001 Pegout 206 GTI. Insurance Type: Fully Comp. Australia. Current insurer-Aami Car Insurance: £589.00 England Cheapest- Quote me happy: £5319.00 Well Known- Admiral: £7162.00 Most Expensive- ECar: £11,733.00 Only 10...
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    How many hours

    1 hour to and from work a day so 2 hours a day 7 days a week, 728 ? is that right thats alot. Thats 1 month worth of driving a year :S surely not.
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    What are these things called.

    Sometimes you just cant think of the word. Or maybe I have just shown just how amateur at the car game i actually am :D thanks bud.