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    Impreza wrx back firing problems!!!

    I would start with a new crank sensor and new spark plugs and try another set of injectors...
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    wrx help

    wow its 5 years later and no one else has answered this ....the subaru engine is made of crappy aluminum and over time the bore liners move inside the engine and warp when really hot to the point the pistons pull the liners in , I would recomend a replacement engine or have the engine block...
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    an old guy in a 1993 Impreza 1.8l

    hi all, from New car landlord traded a rusty bucket Subaru legacy saloon for a 1993 Impreza 1.8l 5 speed with no rust and a bad running engine and stuffed suspension with a lot of body damage ... till I decided I would have a go at it ..first thing I did was give it a...