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    How good are your driving skills? Find out...

    85% thats fine with me...
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    cold air induction kits ?

    Just sounds good and looks good thats all they do...
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    need help with a nocking noise from M5 engine

    Possibly the double Vanos, is the nioise coming from the front at the end of the cams??
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    Britain to drive on the Right from 2015

    Now what's the date today :P :P
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    How to stop a car with a jammed accelerator

    Pull over....Chuck it 5th gear and stall it.......
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    Re: Asetone Moth balls....make it go a bit quicker........they got aviation fuel in, might block your fuel filter though...
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    Live traffic data for the UK

    Very handy Waynne...Thanks.
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    Vinyl stickers on a classic Jaguar Sovereign

    Resale value.....£10.
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    The SNOW is back

    Light covering here, nothing to stop anybody from getting about.
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    Welcome along.
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    Van v Car

    My work mate and I went in to London in a transit, when we hit the outskirts we had to buy a congestion charge ticket, we also left early on a Friday and crossed another zone and got a fine for £50 in the post, this was in August 2009, have they changed it now then so vans dont get charged??
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    Hello there!

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Easy way to get snow off your car
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    just joined

    Welcome along...Have fun.
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    Use of your mirrors

    I use my mirrors all the time,,bit like a meerkat, especially the side mirrors which comes from driving a merc sprinter with no rear windows so you are constantly looking.