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    Default Flooded ECU BOX B7

    Without pictures I'm just guessing, but it would be better to reseal it?
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    Default Flooded ECU BOX B7

    Sorry if this appears a dumb question, but how did water get in? Aren't they sealed?
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    What's on TCJB's 2020 bucket list ?

    The oil in the engine has been run ragged, the brakes pushed to the limit. Makes sense to me to make sure they are still able to do the job.
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    What's on TCJB's 2020 bucket list ?

    Do you replace brakes and oil after a track day as well? I was under the impression that it's a good idea, though I know not where I heard that.
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    my vw

    Hello and welcome. How minor? What's your budget? Simply getting better tyres can give a better drive.
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    Myvi 2009 performance upgrade

    No idea, sorry, you'd have to research your local businesses. Look for mechanics who know what they are doing/talking about. Sometimes you might have to visit and talk to them to get an idea of their workmanship. Anecdote time: when I first got an Impreza I took it to a local garage who had a...
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    Myvi 2009 performance upgrade

    Hello and welcome. Is your car stock at the moment? How much do you want to do to the car as that will dictate the cost (plus your location, your skills at doing the work yourself Vs paying a professional, whether you are happy with used parts, reconditioned parts, if you want OE new, or third...
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    Programmer Texas area

    You asked a straight forward, simple, question. You weren't asking for specifics or advice, just where a mapper is. How do think we would find out? I Googled it, found mappers in Texas...
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    Hello. That is a big job. How deep are your pockets?
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    Hybrid Turbos

    Hello! It sounds like you mostly know your stuff. Hopefully a diesel guy will be along to help out (I'm also petrol turbo) and educate us all.
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    Hey yall

    Get some photos up!
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    207 VTi Sport (59 reg) Stock Radio (RD4) Aux, USB and Bluetooth

    Have you had the car from new? If not, do you know if any previous owners put in aftermarket Infotainment stuff?
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    i want a suzuki swift 1.6 sport 6 speed please simon

    If it makes you feel any better insurance companies make no money from insurance premiums. The money taken in barely covers pay outs and running costs. (Profits are made from taking that money and investing elsewhere, either other parts of the same company or another one.) Back on topic...
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    i want a suzuki swift 1.6 sport 6 speed please simon

    In the UK? No, you insure the car as a whole. And if you dont declare your mods, and the insurer finds out (like if you want to claim for anything, or have a claim made against you in the event of an accident) they will likely void the policy from inception. Meaning you would get hit with...
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    i want a suzuki swift 1.6 sport 6 speed please simon

    As soon as you do the second the first wont happen. IE, modding a car will raise insurance.