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    customising Toyota premio

    Hello and welcome. Re your customising question we'll have some questions you need to answer first: Are you looking for power, handling, cosmetic? Something else?
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    Excellent info re open deck blocks

    I was given a quick and thorough intro in this topic when my engine needed get repaired and I moved from semi to closed :) My mechanic was very good, and patient, at explaining the differences and why I might as well change up since it was being replaced anyway :lol:
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    What do the new numbers mean 45 55 etc...

    I'm gonna guess the Aussies do as the Mighty Car Mods chaps use KW almost exclusively. To the point I can almost do the conversion in my head to BHP :)
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    What's your lowest MPG reading

    Dont have a trip computer, but I do keep a spreadsheet. The lowest MPG I've seen across a tank was 15.8mpg.
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    Room 101 - "Ugly As A Bucket Of Frogs"

    Porsche Panamera.
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    What is your perfect weather and road for a drive

    Weather - dry road, overcast sky, cold air. Road - anywhere no else is.
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    Have you done any styling mods

    Headlights replaced with more clear crystal looking units. Side repeaters changed from orange to clear. BK 18in wheels, came in gold resprayed black. Hub caps replaced with carbon fiber effect caps with STI pink logo on them. Alloygater wheel rim guards, in pink. Rear windows tinted. 10in...
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    Why can't you get performance cams for diesels?

    I'd guess no demand. Who buys a diesel with the intention of modding them?
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    Who is the oldest rev / petrol head on TC ?

    Happy birthday
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    What could possibly go wrong ?

    Leaded fuel
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    Your ultimate driving experience day

    Depending on the quality I may purchase the recordings. If I do I will share.
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    What music do you drive to

    Mash up is where the instrumental from one song is mixed with the vocals from another. It's an artform in itself as it's very easy to get wrong. Hip hop is popular for this as the vocals should work with any music. And Electro Swing is a mash up genre :) Back when I was a DJ I used to mash up...
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    Hello and welcome! What's your budget?
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    What car body style is your preference

    I used to be all about the hot hatch. Then I started driving the 4 door family saloon... :lol:
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    Your ultimate driving experience day

    Doing one in Feb. 5 super cars around Castle Combe track. Really looking forward to it :)