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    I'm Back :D

    Hello again! :D
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    Mazda RX8...Why so cheap?

    Found this link on a similar thread else where, tell you what I'm a little tempted. :D
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    Carbon fiber company recommendations?

    I have an idea, I'll send you a pm. :D
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    self driving cars can't be all bad?

    I'm all for it on a commute. :)
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    Irritating pip

    That's a neat feature. :D
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    Hello Guys...

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    At Last!. I have started on my car ;-) PART 2

    This any good OG? Scratch that, I woz conned. :P
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    Car SOS - Feb 7th 8pm

    I enjoyed it, got it on series link now. :D Seeing as their based in Brum I wonder if their garage will repair my rear arches. :P
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    Help diagnosing ABS problems

    I'd get the faults read, check the Abs sensors/ wiring and the condition of the reluctor rings on each wheel first.
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    How to charge a car battery

    When I fitted the correct battery to my 5 I discovered that it can't be jumped started and it needs a specific charger, also they recommend that it's charged continuously for three days once a year!
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    How do you ruin an engine

    Fitting a spanky new induction kit and routing the air feed really low into a fog light or placing it in the lower part of the grill with a shiny anodised inlet. Then pretend you a rallye driver and bomb the through the first ford you can find. :P
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    Where to find a drag tree simulator

    Think I broke it got a green time bit it came up .' :lol:
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    Where to find a drag tree simulator

    That's a little bit addictive Og.
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    Induction kit fail

    Is it an oiled filter? I've heard of cars MAF sensors getting a thin coating of oil from the filter & it causes the car to play up.