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    track only 2.0ltr car?

    I have a 300whp car you can buy. All you have to do is ship it :P It's the car in my sig (provided my sig is working) on the right :P haha
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    What would you do? Failed compression.

    Yes. I don't know your definition of "much" but they drop some. Please bear in mind that I no longer drive the car since I got my Subaru. Haven't really done a good "performance check" on those levels in a while.
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    What would you do? Failed compression.

    Good input MA. I'm a little nervous about pulling the head off, but if I ever brave up, that would be an awesome idea. I wish I lived close to you guys. There would be a case of beer in your future if you helped me pull it off.... That just gave me an idea....
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    What would you do? Failed compression.

    No sir. The mustang is a v8. My 2006 Cobalt SS, however, is a 2.0 supercharged. It's actually faster than my mustang (when it's healthy) Mustang 200whp 280wtq Cobalt ss 280whp 230wtq both cars were measured on the same dyno on warm days Legacy 166bhp 165tq
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    What would you do? Failed compression.

    Anyone who doesn't know, I blew up my cobalt a while ago...I took the car to a mechanic that I thought I could trust and he screwed me. Not going to tell the long version of the story. so.. rebuilt block and head, reinstalled and tuned, then the problems started. lots of problems...another...
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    Your favourite car body style

    Coupe FTW!!!
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    You guys are crazy. Hehe.
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    Favourite Hot Hatch?

    Awww. I like that car. Now I'm sad :'( :D hehe. I'm still going to buy one when the turbo comes out. we don't get really cool hatches here. the VW is overpriced andunderpowered, the american hatches are far too basic, so far, to justify the price (and very underpowered), and we don't get a...
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    Current Potential Power Gains

    I'm sure the car will feel greatas it comes to stock form, better throttle response, breathing slightly more freely. But HP gains? not likely very much. But again, all of what you are doing is essential to a build if you're going to do one. Have fun with it. It may not feel amazing on long...
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    Favourite Hot Hatch?

    I'm okay with that, as we don't get Renault here. :D
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    whats needed to run 10s

    I'd say 450whp. 450 at the crank is going to be more like 380-400 to the wheels. (good for low 11's...mid to high 10's with a great driver, the right suspention setup, and sticky tires) bhp=brake horsepower=horsepower at the crank. whp=wheel horsepower=horsepower after all losses, measured...
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    Solar Roads

    Hahahahaha. Awesome... I've actually heard of these. Supposed to cost, like, $1 million per mile to build though. Right? Something like that? hehehe ...rain powered roads. :p
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    When did you last wash your car

    The Subaru: got detailed about 2 weeks ago The Cobalt:got washed back when it was still running (a month or 2) The Mustang:..........uh......well,...I have washed it before...I know that much...
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    Finally got a 3rd car.

    Exactly. I am probably going to sell my SC setup and go turbo. I won't lose too much money in the process. 17psi won't put a strain on a decently sized turbo, and then, as long as I build the motor right, I can crank the boost up to 30-40psi and make some real power. hahaha
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    Advise needed on ported & polishing a cylinder head

    If you're throwing boost at it, best look into the bottom end as well. I don't know how the rotating assembly will hold up to boost, most specifically the pistons and rods. You may not have to worry too much about the crank, but pistons, rings, and rods definitely. If you only do the head and...