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volvo 855 r 2.3t
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Hi have a 1995 volvo 855r auto, rica 280 map, decat, t16 turbo, high flow injectors,rebuilt gas flowed head, uprated front brakes have acquired a eaton m90 short snout supercharger and plan to twin charge fitting it in place of the air con compressor, using series in line system larger inter cooler, remap or possibly a megasquirt if i can pick up a used one ? moving the throttle body in the middle of the set up, still in the measuring and planning stage at the moment.also i have a 855 r manual i use for parts so a mock up on this one is planned.
have also built a classic mini from a dead 1985 shell with a honda vtec d15z8 engine and 5 speed gearbox running 4 gsx750r carbys home fabricated front subframe drive shafts radiator mounts etc etc mechanically and body done, need to finish interior, also helping my son restore a mk5 cortina need more hours in the day after work would be nice
regards Jim
have always been into mechanical and electronics as long as i can remember thanks to a chap called Taffy who lived across the road from me growing up he used to tolerate me "helping him" with his banger car racing, he was a very clever and nice person who took me under his wing looking back nearly 40 years ago we are still in touch he is into ford capri's now time flies?? got into the tv trade 37 years ago and have been into cars electronics ever since.
2nd Car
mini 1.5 vtec
electronics engineer tv trade


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