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    Best Body Kit Ever!

    Barry Boys I must admit I dont like the way they rip people to pieces just because they have "modified" thrie cars but.......... Some of the stuff people do deserves redicule... And yes the 6R4 was a Barry Boys pic in their Shed Of The Week section
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    carbon bits

    Carbon can be used in a few ways, the main one is the use of a vacuum mould with resin impreganted carbon fibre, the whole thing is put in an autoclave where the carbon is heated, the resin melts and voila...... one panel.... this process cost uber mucho spondoolicks..... You can wet lay carbon...
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    "The Next One" - Handcrafted Mid-Engine Sports Car

    Can't help but being amazed at what you are doing, truly superb 8-)
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    "The Next One" - Handcrafted Mid-Engine Sports Car

    I will follow this thread with interest, I am doing something similar myself but just cheating and using the tub of an existing car, I watched your last creation and thought it was superb. It might not look to everyones taste, but everyone can certainly admire the engineering and skill going...
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    carbon bits

    Had a few bits wrapped in that carbon effect stuff before, must admit it's not a bad compromise, most carbon wrap looks terrible as it is trying to replicate the original, so it just looks like a load of grey and black dashes with a shiney covering..... The stuff you guys have used looks like...
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    Which cars should not exist

    Amen to that
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    Coupe/Saloon/Estate/Hatchback. What do you prefer and why?

    I am a coupe man, defo has the best in looks IMO of course, which is not always shared :blink:
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    What would be your ideal car...

    I would want a Transformer........ something that changed depending on my mood and circumstance :p There was nothing to say I could not make one up ;)
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    Idea for modding rear light clusters

    I will be waiting ;) I have "another" project I will starting soon and I am going to fit Fiesta MK7 lights but on the horizontal plane rather than vertical, should work out well I reckon :blink:
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    I said to the guy to get the deepest dish he could, just so I would not have to make horrendously big spacers..... He came back with some original Ferrari wheels for that extra realistic look....... numpty!
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    Cost of spraying a car ...

    I guess a lot also depends on your own idea of a good and bad paint job, I do not accept runs, colour sags or orange peel of any amount, it has to be mirror smooth no dull areas from dodgy flat and polishing, that I call a £3K paint job. There was a new guy who started in the paintshop, been...
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    MR2 Ferrari conversion..... an abomination if I ever did see one!
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    Cost of spraying a car ...

    £1500 I would expect that to be a cheap job.... I charge £3K to do a Jag XK, for a bare metal respray and colour change you can double that! I get asked this question a lot and when you tell them £3K you get the sharp intake of breath...... They then go to tell you how much cheaper they can...
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    How to choose a bodykit

    Very funny...... that made me smile :D
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    favourite color for cars

    I love a dark Purple, just not a popular colour, unless of course you read this thread

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