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    Prelude Paintjob

    It's a 4th gen Lude in green, and when I got it it had a fair few body imperfections, in the form of scratches and mini dents. I'm thinking of repainting it electric blue with a black bonnet and spoiler. What do ya think?
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    How many gears does a car need

    I've got a 4 speed auto box in mine and it's not as bad as i thought it'd be on the motorway. Could do with a 5th though definately, maybe even a 6th. Hell let's go the whole hog and chuck in a 7th lol. Would be nice to cruise at 90 under 2k revs.
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    Supercharger or turbo

    Gotcha, cheers fella =]
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    Supercharger or turbo

    Forgive my naivity, but what do you mean when you talk about headers? I know i read about them, but can't for the life of me remember what they are lol.
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    prelude 96- r33 skyline front bumper

    You still got this or you got rid of it already?
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    93 2.3 Prelude auto.

    Well i bought it, and at £300 with only some minor minor body damage (a few little scratches and one little dent and nearly no rust at all) a few minor wiring issues and nothing wrong with the running parts, i can't really complain. My first decently tunable motor. I quite like the auto box to...
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    93 2.3 Prelude auto.

    Right, i'm buying one of these and i want to know what i can do with it. Someone told me i can make it into a vtec with not too much work. I've taken this with a pinch of salt, but i want to know if it was possible. Thanks.
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    Experiences of accidents

    Lost control of my old Rover 45 doing 40. Front wheels lost grip and the front end drifted right. Being a n00b driver I've gone full lock left trying to straighten the car up. All of a sudden the car grabbed grip, span round left, went backward over an island and into a lampost. Only had third...
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    Flashers beware

    When letting someone go at a junction i tend to step out of the car and ACTUALLY flash them. It's good fun, i recommend you all try it.
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    New scale for Torque

    I'm voting for how long the wheels spin when you dump the clutch from standing, lol. Could also measure SSFPDALC (*split seconds from pedal down at light change). C/a (Clutches per annum). When it comes to torque with tools, I think expletive per minute should do the trick. And why all the love...
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    Fuel Filter

    I like my ability to keep my face attched to my head , and said head attached to my shoulders. Lol.
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    Fuel Filter

    Been trying to change the fuel filter on my car, but the nuts around it are rusted shut. I'm going to keep spraying it with WD40 over the next few days and try again in a few days, but has anyone else had this problem? How did you solve it?
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    It's not really worth the time. I'm losing so much faith in this car idea. I'm saving money while I decide what to do. think I'm going to go for a BMW 318. At least I can get parts for that, not to mention rear wheel drive.
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    Where to start when a car wont start

    Don't get me started on the AA. Apparantly five call outs from a recovery service that costs an absolute bomb entitles them to say that I have "exceeded my yearly limit" on callouts and that I now have to pay a £93 surcharge every time I call them out for the remainder of my time with them. I...
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    Inventing new car model names

    A new big wheeled off roader. Jeep Farmraider 6000XRi LBT SVx GXi Turbo 22 Litre V50 Fuel Muncher Extravaganno A new family car Vauxhall Mundano A sports coupe Wastegate 2.7 (Boast 1 mpg per litre) A brand new Ferrari Testicalossa.