Playing guitar.
18 July 1986 (Age: 34)
New Eltham, London
2.3 Prelude
Current Cars Mods.
Just got it, it's got an aftermarket backbox on it but that's about it at the moment. Planning to self service service this month, followed by uprating brake disks, pads and braided lines, and finally a cone filter to finish my stage one stuff. When it gets to that point I'll dyno it and see what it's putting out so i can plan stage 2. =]
I recently joined a new band playing heavy metal with a guy I had been aquainted with for a while but never really spoke to. As soon as we had our first conversation, we clicked. Didn't stop yabbering on for hours. He seemed a bit obsessed with crs though and I couldn't understand why. Then he took me out in his Mazda6 MPS and 0-62 in 5.2 seconds gave birth to my love of performance vehicles.
Betting shop manager.


I drive like I play guitar: Hard, fast and with my eyes closed!


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