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    Datsun 240z

    So, a friend of a friend is selling a 240z, as shown below, with a 2.85l (technically) RB26DETT Skyline engine in. I dont know much about the car yet, other than its £4400, and according to my good friend, its in very good nick and has won a few competitions. Looks gorgeous from there...
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    Are you Hot or Cold

    Summer I have the windows down as best I can, you know, when we actually get some sun. Winter I have to keep it pretty hot. That said, too much heat makes me drowsy, so if I feel that happening I wack on the cold air.
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    Have you ever hit or injured an animal or bird

    I've hit a Squirrel on the bypass, that stood no chance and I had a car to my left so I couldnt avoid that. No damage. And a pigeon flew out of no where when I was doing 30 and just went BONK on the front right wing, that was hilarious. When I had the Civic, a dog ran out after a cat, cat...
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    New bond cars

    Aston Martin though is seen as a British brand, its all meant to be very British. It wouldnt make sense to me to see Bond in a S5 Audi or a Nissan GTR or a BMW M3 So that leaves you with very few brands, and I dont think Bond would suit a Caterham, its not very glamorous to get out of, and...
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    New Car ?

    Could probably get an old EK9 Civic Type R ('98 shape) Believe its a 1.6 Vtec, rapid enough anyway. But whether it'll be falling apart and ragged to #!#!#!#!... Could also Lease a car... Could be in a New Civic Type R for instance, and spend 250 quid/month on that, and so long as you're...
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    Police made me remove my tints

    There is that, of course, but I'm lazy too, and sadly stuck in this ice locker of a country. Haha
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    Police made me remove my tints

    You guys have good pumps though, that clip into the 'on' position, so you can do something else while its filling. We have to hold ours on, probably something to do with Health and Safety or some sort of excuse.
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    Unrestricted Autobahn?

    Actually how long is the back straight on the Nurb? Isnt it long enough?
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    Cool cars in your family

    Uncle has a Aston Martin Vantage that I think I've posted on here before... Me Dad's getting a SL350 come March time, but I guess that doesnt count as its not here yet. Other than that, my Golf and the soon-to-be-gone ML320.
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    Wearing shades (sunglasses)

    Its funny how much profit Oakley make on their sunglasses. A girl I used to know from Colorado sent me a pair of 400 dollar Polarized Half-X's for 120 dollars. So, score. She works there, course, so staff discount. Heh
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    Whats up from South Africa!

    Three more posts. Spam. What did you have for breakfast? :P
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    Annoying passengers

    Friend of mine hates me driving, shes constantly scared that for no reason the car is going to lose grip in a turn and crash. Course, I dont drive like a muppet, but this does make me swing it into corners more. Shes sort of getting used to it now. Scare it into em, you know. Funny thing is...
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    So where's the snow?????

    AWESOME! Basically... Edit: Needed more colour and size.
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    Wearing shades (sunglasses)

    This. Love wearing them. Only when its sunny mind. Todays a good day for it but I've got my bloody glasses on atm so >.<
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    Sleepers or attention grabbers

    See, I suppose you'd call mine a Sleeper, and thats fine, I love my Golf. But really? I'm a bit of an attention whore. I'd love something that turns heads for its sound and its looks. But not some Clio with a dustbin attached to it. Like I said in another thread; Evo - aggressive looks, good...