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    Gearbox upgrade on peugeot 207

    Hi me again I'm still new to my peugeot 207 1.4 16v i upgraded my brakes thanks who helpd me out now i woudlike to upgrade my gearbox is there any diferent gearbox i could fit ?? Like 6 speed or short ratio soo it would have a bit more go as engine pulls strong but not enough gears engine is NFU...
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    Brake upgrade

    If i change brakes from 206gti do i use originall master cylinder from 206 gti or im ok too keep my old one from 207?? Thanks in advance
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    Brake upgrade

    Thanks buddy i will look into it nice one
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    Brake upgrade

    Hi everybody quick question i got peugeot 06 plate i want to upgrade my brakes i was wandering if peugeot 206 gti brakes would fit ?? Or i can fit different car model brakes on ?? Thanks in advance looking forward for any advice.
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    peugeot 207 project help

    hi guys new to the peugeot ... just bought 207 1.4 16v 207 the main question i got is what engine transplant can i put in it ??? few people says 206 gti 180bhp lump will fit with no problem .. but i looked around tring find something more tunable than gti lump as its not many tunable parts for...
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    audi a4 20v non turbo cylinder head question

    Hi guys I was wondering as I got Audi non turbo but I want to put big port head from turbo model same base engine so I was wondering is it fits and is it going to work ??? Thank guys
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    audi from wales says hello ewerybody

    Just want too say hello I'm looking forward in running advices and tips thanks