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20 October 1989 (Age: 34)
Vauxhall Astra SXI
Current Cars Mods.
17" xylo alloys with low profile tyres.
Irmscher grill and i logo.
GSI front bumper.
irmscher side skirts.
reiger rear bumper.
savage exhaust.
Customised number plates.
Tinted windows.
Smoked rear lights with chrome strips.
Angel eye headlights.
Smoked side repeaters.
Irmscher chrome heater rings.
Irmscher chrome speedo rings.
Smoked rear led lights.
Irmscher Spoiler.
Chrome radiator vents.
Richbrook silver door pins.
K & N astra air filter.
Sxi badges above bump strips.

I just liked looking at them, and how much they stand outl


"The stealth look" custom made by Hayley!!!

Make your own look now!



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