Tall dark and handsome...!!!

Anything connected to Rolls-Royce up to 1998, including a vast collection of toys and models.
buckinghamshire, england
silver shadow II
I was always a car enthusiast, visiting the Motor Shows in London and going to classic car shows etc. I became 'hands-on' with cars when I got my first car in the late seventies, a sporty Vauxhall Magnum 1800 2 door saloon. This led to five Vauxhall Magnums in the end, then my first Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II for my 40th birthday, then a classic Mini automatic, then a 1998 Vauxhall Astra 2 door and then my second Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II. Additional to this, I have picked up a Skoda van and another later Vauxhall Astra, a 4 door automatic. I have worked for three different hire car companies, one of which used to hire out light commercials and transit based mini buses.

I moved from hire cars into the rescue and recovery business which put me in touch with virtually every make of car on British roads.
Rescue and Recovery truck driver