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    proton hopups

    hello everyone im wondering has anyone turbo charger a proton gen2 or canpro engine am haveing an impossible time getting the parts i need to put my turbo on and its drivn me nuts i know the hopup parts exist but all i can find are blog pages about people whov bought and used the parts and im...
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    Modifying your car? Please think carefully about what you're doing

    thair are certanly dodgy people out thair my nomber 1 thought when buying a used car for any purpouse or reason is why are thay selling the car to beguin with luckly my car is new off the shop floor and safe thairs nothing wrong with a used car in general iv had manny an all have had thair miner...
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    First timer.

    hi iv just gotten my full license i own a proton gen2 and a t3 turbo kit to go with it already intercooled the engine and modifying the air/fuel raitio with a DFAS piggyback going to upgrade to a haltech 500 soon but mostly i cant decide if i want my car to be a drifter/rally car or street...