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    Which are the best oil brands to use

    I have always used castrol oils.from way back when I had my first car a little mini 1000.a mechanic friend of the family recommended it and have used it ever since.i had a sierra and ran it on castrol for 300000 miles and was still pulling strong when I sold it.
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    Clutch Question

    yes mate clutch is gone.mine was the same.time for some open wallet surgery i am afraid.
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    Hello everyone!

    welcome mate.hope you get some insperation and ideas.
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    Car park dings.

    carparks are bad enough but yesterday a kid rode past my daughters corsa on his mountain bike and left a nice eight inch scratch right down to the primer.parked outside the house.our babys are not safe out there.
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    electrical problems

    need some advice wouldnt start today turned key no hum from petrol pump. starter wouldnt turn engine over.had to go out so i left it for a couple of hours.came back and it started but the speedo went right round the clock.i took it up the motorway later and the speedo went round the...
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    Sitting with the engine on

    always switch off in traffic jams or long tailbacks just a waste of fuel not to mention wear n tear on the engine.
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    At Last!. I have started on my car ;-) PART 2

    i have come to the conclusion that if your car was human it would be anorexic.lmao
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    wellcome mate.look forward to your cars progress as they will get some good advice help and tuning tips here.
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    Mid life crisis cars

    haha nothing says mlc more than a harley davidson and leathers.lmao
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    Bonnet Bra's

    saw a lupo with one on today.just looks naff.just cant see the point.
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    Eyelashes on car headlights

    the ladies love them here.i dont think its a good look to be honest.
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    alright lads and ladies

    wellcome mate look forward to seeing and hearing all about your car
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    focus radiator fans

    cheers for that chap i was worried i had an electrical problem.but that has put my mind at rest.
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    clutch master cylinder

    cheers for that.i have got the haynes manuel now.acording to the manuel you hafto remove the steering column.would you agree with that.