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    Which are the best oil brands to use

    I have always used castrol oils.from way back when I had my first car a little mini 1000.a mechanic friend of the family recommended it and have used it ever since.i had a sierra and ran it on castrol for 300000 miles and was still pulling strong when I sold it.
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    Clutch Question

    yes mate clutch is gone.mine was the same.time for some open wallet surgery i am afraid.
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    Hello everyone!

    welcome mate.hope you get some insperation and ideas.
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    The old lady finally get's what she deserves!

    whats it like on the road mate when you hit the loud pedal.are you pleased with it.or does it need some fettleing.keep up the good work bud.
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    Prince's BMW E36 318is Coupe

    looks awesome mate.does it go as good as it looks.and most of all does it sound awesome that sound you get from a charger is fantastic.well done mate it was well worth the effort then.
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    The old lady finally get's what she deserves!

    alright mate.some good progress been its good to have it all back have done some major pipework on that engine.all looks experimental at the moment bet you cant wait to iron out the gremlins so you can get a power run on a dyno.i am looking forward to seeing what power that...
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    Prince's BMW E36 318is Coupe

    that is a nice bit of is looking awesome buddy bet you cant wait to fire that bad boy up and take it out.sleepless nights till you get it sorted.stick with it mate its comeing along nicely.your doin a crackin job.
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    Car park dings.

    carparks are bad enough but yesterday a kid rode past my daughters corsa on his mountain bike and left a nice eight inch scratch right down to the primer.parked outside the house.our babys are not safe out there.
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    The old lady finally get's what she deserves!

    bet you cant wait to take her for spin.try out that new engine.the fruits of your gives you a sense of achievement when you have modded or fixed your own car.i did the clutch on my focus last week and the joy when you get in and put it in reverse and theres no slipping or noise from...
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    The old lady finally get's what she deserves!

    good to have you back buddy.i look forward to seeing how the old girl has progressed.are you pleased with the performance.
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    Prince's BMW E36 318is Coupe

    they look exellent what is it like when you put the anchors on.well worth the effort. you have done your self you cant wait to get the rears on.
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    electrical problems

    need some advice wouldnt start today turned key no hum from petrol pump. starter wouldnt turn engine over.had to go out so i left it for a couple of hours.came back and it started but the speedo went right round the clock.i took it up the motorway later and the speedo went round the...
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    Prince's BMW E36 318is Coupe

    calipers are lookin nice mate when we gonna see em on the motor.we love piccys of the car try to get the ladies to get in the piccys as
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    Sitting with the engine on

    always switch off in traffic jams or long tailbacks just a waste of fuel not to mention wear n tear on the engine.