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    3 cars £3k (blaster, family & a GT)

    every single post you just cannot help yourself, getting sick and tired of constant harrasment. Can a admin please step in before this goes further.
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    at last the trans am is on the road

    V8 and a bandit mustache does indeed corrupt :D
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    Choosing a body repair shop

    repairs are never invisible, one man operations are nearly always your best bet.
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    should i shouldnt i ??

    get ready to roll those front ones down when the police stroll by though as they dont look like 30% :D
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    Save weight dump the gear box

    Ummm sounds pretty mad and would probably make motorway journeys impossible. you would also loose a lot of power due to having no gear ratio's.
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    3 cars £3k (blaster, family & a GT)

    Spend the 9k on a very good XJS/buick/plymouth and use it for everything :) but if 3 cars are a must, Weekend: Something with RWD and no traction control/saftey features/seatbelts with over 200bhp at least Family: BMW 323/325/328 (economical and bullet proof) Long distance: XJS of course or...
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    Banned within 2 years of passing your test

    I think the police decide or the nature of the ban decides whether or not you need to resit a test in order to have a license.
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    Induction kit info??

    Moaning about not having a sixth gear :D I would like a 4th on my auto box!
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    wot size for 12" sub box

    Its not just the size it's the geometry/porting of the box as well and unless done correctly most will sound terrible.
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    Next series of Top Gear

    Cannot wait :D
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    Motorcycle engine in Fiero...?

    Far enough, have you looked into the decent supra engines?
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    Famous people driving

    Ohhh yesss :D
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    Competition in the car industry

    That was suicidal inter company fuede's :D
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    Motorcycle engine in Fiero...?

    Conversions are always expensive and definatly not something to cheap out on if theres that much labour going in anyway, may as well go for a nice V8, thats easier to fit and little ECU worrys and very easy to maintain.
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    Best Road to Drive in the UK

    Thanks has put my mind at ease :D